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Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara became one of the icons of the twentieth century. He died not knowing his portrait would worldwide be used for political, commercial and even spiritual purposes. But who is the man behind the myth? And what is the significance of the revolution he brought to several countries, fifty years after his death? This is the compelling story about the wanderings of an iconic revolutionary and a search for his social legacy in the countries he wanted to change. 

This four-part documentary series includes: Ep1 Restless youth in Argentina and Chile, Ep2 Revolutionary Awakening in Guatemala and Mexico, Ep3 El COmandante in Cuba, Ep 4 The final battle in Bolivia.

We have also worked with ICU Docs  in the series In Naam van het volk (In the name of the people), a six part documentary series portraying leaders from Latin America who once were revered by the people and who continue to inspire or outrage many of their fellow countrymen.


Series production coordination, Research, Logistics, Field Production & Scouting.

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    Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Mexico, Cuba & Bolivia
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    ICU Docs

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